Paper Mill Pipe Bridge

Old Controls Engineers never die, they just need broader acceptable limits.

I am a former control systems engineer now working in the education section, teaching what I practiced. “Those who can do, and those who can’t teach!”, was ground into me when I was young, but my experience has taught me otherwise.

My grounding is in the manufacturing industry, from pneumatic three term controllers up to modern DCS and supervisory controllers. PLCs were my mainstay and worked with many systems over the years. Simatic Step 5 will always be my first love!

This website therefore consists of myself, professionally and personally along with a repository for teaching materials.

If you arrived by accident then welcome and I hope you are not too disappointed, however if I drove you here to satisfy my ego, then I also hope you are not too disappointed.

Finally, I am a keen, though very amateur, photographer so there will be plenty of examples of my work here too.